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Truth is Scarier Than Fiction

When people think of PBS, many imagine educational, safe, and even boring programs. ITVS’s films break that mold. Just in time for Halloween, we created a campaign using four programs in our arsenal that warn about the dangers of data collection, facial recognition, and social media apps. We wove these into a horror-like trailer that gets the audience to think: what if truth is scarier than fiction?

I wrote, directed, and produced the videos and supervised the graphic assets for this campaign.


Scarier Than Fiction Newsletter Gif


Your Summer Travel Watchlist

This past summer we did a fun trip-themed campaign to promote the best Independent Lens films on streaming. I produced, developed, and wrote a video promo and the copy for an Instagram carousel. The look and feel carried over into our email signature and newsletter images.

Hit the Road with Independent Lens email signature


Try Harder!

Try Harder! explores the pressures of being a high-achieving student at one of America’s top public schools. I produced the 360 campaign for this film, including event media, video, and social content. Above is the :30 promo I developed for broadcast and the web. Below are examples of our social deliverables: an Instagram filter and animated gifs I produced to attract our target millennial audience.


Alvan Dancing with Fanny Pack Ian raising arms Rachel Cringing Alvan Headbanging


The People v.

I developed, researched, and wrote the Webby Award-winning YouTube series The People v., in collaboration with Complexly, who provided production and editorial services. These episodes were created as content marketing tools and companion pieces for the PBS docuseries Philly D.A. We went from story ideas to four published episodes in just a month. I served as both a primary writer and script editor, and I post-produced all episodes.




Coded Bias

The film Coded Bias warns about the dangers of social algorithms. Knowing that any ad we put out would be targeted using those same algorithms, I decided to go meta and break the 4th wall. This promo won a 2022 Silver Telly Award.

The same strategy was mirrored in the film’s official trailer, below, which I also wrote and produced.


The Donut King

What’s better than donuts?! When I had a chance to concept, write, and produce the campaign for the film The Donut King, I ate it up.

Above is the film’s :30 teaser, and below are some of the social assets I directed. Warning: You may not want to watch on an empty stomach!



Donut King Filter


Belly of the Beast

I produced the promos and cold open for this important documentary about illegal sterilizations in women’s prisons and the two women who wage a near-impossible battle to stop them. To create an effective campaign for the film, we had to balance the drama inherent in the story with the sensitivity of the subject matter.


Adobe 1-Minute Tutorials

I produced several films for a fun, 1-minute tutorial series with Adobe Creative Cloud. The series teaches viewers on Facebook and YouTube interesting and useful techniques for a range of creative products, including Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, and XD. The above video explores how to recolor an image in Illustrator, while the below film teaches editors how to make a ghost effect.


Coke x Adobe x You

Coke and Adobe invited artists and designers to develop short films, animations, and graphics inspired by Coke and the 2020 Olympics in Toyko. I produced this film as part of their social media campaign to entice creators to submit their art.


What is the Anthropocene?

I wrote and produced this animated explainer introducing Smithsonian viewers to the concept of the Anthropocene – a new geologic epoch delineated by humanity’s impact on the planet. The first in a multi-part series, this film describes the far-reaching effect of human actions.

The second episode I produced, below, illuminates how humans have modified food over time.


National Portrait Gallery

I wrote and produced a series of nine videos in support of the National Portrait Gallery exhibition The Outwin 2016: American Portraiture Today. Primarily created for social media channels and YouTube, the videos also played together as a loop within the exhibition.

Below, first prize winner Amy Sherald shares her technique, and Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine, talks about the jury process.



Life Noggin

I wrote over a dozen scripts for the educational science series Life Noggin, including episodes about space, medicine, geology, biology, and technology. For each script, I performed detailed research and fact-checking to ensure we held ourselves to the highest editorial standards. My videos averaged 1 million views each.




While working with Discovery Communications, I produced over 300 episodes of DNews (now called Seeker), a science and technology web series with over 2 million YouTube subscribers. I was responsible for the creative vision of the show and directing the daily production, including managing the team’s associate producers and interns. I also maintained the rigorous production calendar for 10 episodes a week.

Below are two of the most popular DNews videos I worked on, both of which garnered over a million views in their first week.

How Hackers Really Crack Your Passwords


What Really Happens When You Swallow Gum?


Ask Smithsonian

I produced over a dozen episodes of Ask Smithsonian, an editorial web series that answered intriguing questions about science, history, and culture. The show tackled everything from why flamingos stand on one leg to how bodies become mummified.

In the above episode we find out why humans get prune fingers. Below we answer: is it true that elephants can’t jump?